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Photo Credit: Mr. Porter

I do not leave the house without sunglasses. Seriously. Even when it’s raining, I have a pair of sunnies in my handbag. Sunglasses can take your wardrobe to the next level because they really complete an entire look and tie everything together. If you’re a stickler for details like I am, I highly suggest you up your sunnies game. Here is a (lengthy) list of my favorite summer sunglasses for the fellas:


 Aviator Classic Gold: Ray-Ban

Original Wayfarer Classic: Ray-Ban

Khaki Frosted Sunglasses: Topman

Honey Round Sunglasses: Topman

Leonard Ring Matte Black: Illesteva

F143 Aviator: Illesteva

 Classica Havana: Super by Retro Super Future

Captain Courageous: Le Specs

Sunglasses with Wood Effect: ASOS

Round Sunglasses in Rubberized Khaki: ASOS

Square Sunglasses in Rubberized Burgundy: ASOS

Eden Round: Jeepers Peepers

 Kinney D-Frame: Garret Leight California Optical

Surf Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses: Saint Laurent

Sid Round Frame Acetate Sunglasses: Oliver Spencer

Finley Round Polarized Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples