Words cannot describe how upset I was (and still am) to learn of Prince’s passing. He will always be my favorite artist of all time. I had the privilege of seeing him perform live at the Grammy’s with Beyoncé in 2004 and then again at a small concert in New York City in 2013. Prince is not just a singer, not just an artist, not just a musician, but a true performer. His shows are not just seen or heard; they are felt. To watch him on stage is to experience something magical and exquisite, something that you know will not come around twice. His presence commands a room. And when he speaks, you pay attention.

To say that Prince influenced my personal style would be a gross understatement. He made it okay to stand out, to be different, to truly be unapologetically oneself. Prince is a pillar of integrity and ingenuity. How do you thank someone for giving you the courage to be yourself and to follow your own unique path? I do not know if I will ever be able to answer that question. So for now, we can just celebrate his life, his enormous contribution to music and fashion and to humankind. There will never ever be anyone like him. Rest in funky, purple peace Prince!!