This week for Fellas Friday, we are having a conversation about socks. Yes, the very serious topic of socks. Socks matter. I’m sure every single one of you reading this can recall a time when you saw a man in a nice suit and thought, “Wow! He looks really good”. And then you looked down and, to your dismay, you discovered that he had paired his white gym socks with his dress shoes. Fantasy destroyed. Dream killed. He is no longer the man you thought he was. I’m cringing just thinking about it, honestly.

Now of course, I am EXAGGERATING to get my point across, but I think the lesson here is a valid one: every man should have a pair of nice socks in his closet. I know the colorful, heavily printed socks are very trendy right now (and you can surely rock those if that’s your style), but plain black dress socks will certainly suffice when in doubt. I cannot tell you how attractive it is when you can tell a man has thought about and put effort into every aspect of his look… right down to the socks 😉