Photographed by Lindsay Weaver

These photos were taken back in June of 2014. It is really fun for me to look back at pictures to see how my look has grown and how my personal style has evolved over the years. I used to be very into loud prints and bright colors, which I think worked for me at the time. Now, though I still love prints and incorporating color into my looks, I do so in a much more subtle and sophisticated way. It is very clear, though, that my love of gold jewelry, oversized sunglasses and cool handbags has only strengthened over time. I know I will be wearing big, gold hoops into old age! The banana leaf print dress was from ASOS and the pink handbag was from Kate Spade.



Graffiti is not just for the streets of New York City anymore; it is now more than appropriate (even trendy) to spray paint, dye, air brush, bleach and even Sharpie your clothing. You may be thinking, “Why would I want to draw all over my clothing?”. But graffitiing your pieces can be a very cool and fun way to personalize some of your favorite wardrobe items and give them new life. Don’t we all want something that is truly one of a kind? And if you’re too nervous (or artistically challenged) and do not want to do the drawing yourself, here are some pieces that are already “pre-painted”:


Black Graffiti Tee: Givenchy

Graffiti Print Love Cross Body Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Graffiti Canvas Backpack: Chanel

Graffiti Jeans: Proenza Schouler

Red Tag Graffiti Vest: Faith Connexion

Graffiti Double Breasted Jacket: Comme Des Garçons

Graffiti Duffle: Louis Vuitton

Graffiti Print High Top Sneaker: Converse Chuck Taylor

Graffiti Canvas Parka: Faith Connexion

Graffiti Baseball Jacket: Dsquared2


634613_mrp_in_xl        634614_mrp_in_xl

634612_mrp_in_xl        634618_mrp_in_xl

I was doing some shopping for a friend the other day when I came across a few pieces from Neil Barrett. I (somewhat shamefully) had never heard of the designer before, but I instantly fell in love. The line that I saw does not utilize any color (only black, white and various grays), but that certainly does not mean it lacks in impact. I love all the different prints and textures, and really enjoy the geometric shapes and clean lines. Neil Barrett is definitely a great men’s line to check out! You can shop these featured pieces here!